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Guadalupe states that there is rarely a marketing strategy to find a new face for the brand. He says, "It's much more natural." I don't have a checklist which leads me to say 'this guy would make a great team'. It's more about meeting people through an activity or event. If we feel that we have chemistry, we can say "OK, let's do this together." We always meet the person and get to know them before we sign any agreement. This is to ensure we share the same ideas. Partnerships can only be successful if the ambassador/friend of the brand enjoys the product. Many of our ambassadors like JoseMourinho and Usain Bolt are familiar with the brand or have been touched by Cartier Pasha Replica.

Guadalupe is looking for people who have more than just fame. They need to have a history of standing out from the crowd and taking risks. For example, in the football world, friends are distinguished by what they have accomplished during their careers. Guadalupe says, "We don’t take current players." But someone like Pele,Cartier Pasha Replica a legend, is loved by the players. The players regard Mourinho as one of the greatest managers in the world, if you consider Pele. They have done so much in their incredible careers, and that's what we look for."

Guadalupe claims there is no conflict of interest in Mourinho's recent departure from Chelsea, the football club that Cartier Pasha Replica sponsors. It is very sad. Jose convinced us to sign the Chelsea agreement. Although we thought it was a long-term partnership, sports can be unpredictable. He says that it isn't difficult for us as brands. Joe will always be my friend. I sent him a message saying that we are closer than ever to him when I first heard about the situation. It was important to let him know that we still support him in the future.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches You can see how strong a partnership is during difficult times, and Jose's is verystrong.

What is it about Mourinho that makes him the ideal fit for Cartier Pasha Replica's? Guadalupe says that Mourinho is the "Special One." He is very creative. He has created a new coaching style by using new techniques and methods of management. This is precisely the philosophy at Cartier Pasha Replica: to innovate with products, research, development, and events. This is how I believe we are completely linked. Cartier Pasha Replica is a football team. We must have the best in all positions. Over the last ten years, we have changed players and their positions. One could say I was Cartier Pasha Replica's captain but I am now the manager and Mr Biver my president.

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