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The new Cartier Replica incarnation, which is just 12 years old and was reformed in 2004 by Jean-Claude Biver (WillyWonka) - Ricardo Guadalupe calls it "a friendly brand". The term is used to describe the Cartier Replica's ambassadors, a group of sportsmen, musicians, artists, and models.Cartier Replica He says, "We have met so many people through ourdifferent sponsorships with football, with Ferrari with art."

Guadalupeand Biver are impressed by the reach of ambassadors.

Guadalupe states, "We have ambassadors on every level." "In football, we have Roy Hodgson, the England manager. He represents usata local level in Harrods as well as the London boutique. Jose Mourinho, who is well-known on an international level and whom we use in our advertising, is next. Pele is a true hero of the world. We also have friends who attend our events because they like the atmosphere and our outlook.

Pele teaches football at the new Cartier Replica manufacturer

Floyd "Money", Mayweather donned the Cartier Replica name across his waistband during "The Fight of the Century", Las Vegas, Saturday 2 May 2015. This sponsorship was very lucrative for Cartier Replica, despite the $1 million it cost. There were over three million viewers who paid per-view and extensive advertising on social media.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches But when I suggest thatengaging popular culture figures as ambassadors is a clever wayfor arelatively new brand to grab headlines, Guadalupeshakeshishead,saying Cartier Replica would engage in such partnerships evenif it had100 years of history behind it.

He says, "I believe it is really modern, very innovative and different marketing, and a key ingredient in the success Cartier Replica." We can also be more disruptive, that's in the brand's DNA."

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